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Our separations division possesses the right resources and professional experience to ensure right separation solution for varied customer needs. Under this platform we provide state of the art systems with cross flow and dead end filtration and integrate them fully with your process chain.

We are fully backed by Osmopro for process applications of Membranes. We enjoy full technical backup and application know-how from Osmopro for their diverse range of Micro, Ultra, Nano Filtration and RO Membranes. OsmoproTM product range is unmatched in the world and is far superior than competition.

Some of the membrane process applications include:-

1. CED Paint Concentration
2. Enzyme Purification/Concentration
3. Bulk Drug Purification/Concentration
4. Textile Dyes Desalting
5. Whey Fractionation
6. Protein Purification/Concentration
7. Alkaline Cleaning Waste Reclamation
8. Fruit Juice Concentration




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